How to Dominate Fear & Phobias



Have you ever encountered a similar experience such as the one below?
You and your family went out for an excursion. Everybody was excited to plunge into the cool water except you. You peeked into the pool and then backed out. The mere sight of it gave you the creeps. After a short while, you heard an explosion. You felt light-headed and your heartbeat started to go crazy. The loud sound sent the chills up to your spine. You felt the urge to run but you couldn’t — your difficult breathing was in the way.
What can we do about our fears? Can we stop them? Is there a way to use them to our advantage?
This book aims to help you dominate your fears and phobias. It’s time to be in control of them and use them to your advantage, and not the other way around. It’s time these negative reactions stop possessing you.

Want to know how to fight your fears and phobias

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