How To Lie (Lie Detector)



When people lie their body screams out clues to their deception. You might want to be able to lie and get away with it. Or maybe you want to catch somebody out who is lying to you? From beating a polygraph, catching a cheat or ensnaring a thief… this app will empower you.

Written by a body language and interrogation expert you too will be able to recognise and manipulate the giveaway signals of honesty and dishonesty. Categorised into key areas such as Eyes, Verbal and Gestures you will learn to improve your own technique and to thoroughly test the veracity of others.

Suspect someone is lying to you? It takes one to know one… Once you know what to look out for, what tests you can use; other people's dishonesty will become glaringly obvious. When the liar asks you how you knew… tell them about this app!

Use your new powers carefully.

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