How to Make Up



Get expert first-hand instruction on all kinds of MAKEUP, HAIR STYLES, and NAIL ART.

• MAKEUP Instruction and Techniques from two really fun expert makeup artists

• EXOTIC MAKEUP STYLES: Sometimes you want something a little outrageous. OMG!

• HAIRSTYLES: Tons of hairstyles from a hair expert. She’s cute and nice!

• NAIL ART: Quick instructional videos that will teach you how to create EASY & CUTE nail art designs!

• BEAUTY TIPS: See what the celebs are doing and other cool ideas

• SKIN CARE: Give your skin the TLC it deserves! We’ll show you how

• EAT WELL: Skin quality is a direct reflection of your diet. Find out what makes the most difference

• ANTI-AGING: Don’t wait until it’s too late. The secret is skin preservation, not repair!

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