How To Write A CV




    How To Write A CV is a free ebook app, where you will discover expert help and advice on how to write the perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume.

    In the face of a dynamic and complex recruitment environment, figuring out how to write a CV that gets you in the door with employers can make all the difference to your job searching. Adhering to some common sense guidelines and listening to expert advice can turn you into a master of the art of CV writing, opening up a new world of professional opportunities.

    Every year, thousands of supposedly high achievers are left wondering why they didn't get the job. The problem often lies with the way they have written their CV. While professional and academic achievements can never be discounted, unless you write a CV that conveys these achievements clearly in a way that will appeal to recruiters, your efforts are unlikely to be successful.

    When you sit down to write a CV, you are, in effect, writing an advertisement for yourself. This is your best chance to present your achievements and skills in the most favorable light possible, highlighting to recruiters what makes you stand out from the rest.

    It's impossible to write a CV that's truly persuasive without having a clear picture in your mind of your skills and key accomplishments. Think about all your past activities: academic projects and degrees, part/full-time work experience, voluntary work, and even social and personal experiences.

    To write an online CV that gets the attention of your target audience, you must focus on your achievements and present them in a dynamic, quantifiable way. Recent research we conducted amongst hiring employers showed that they consider work-based achievements essential to a good CV.

    So Lets get started!

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