Do we pull rabbits out of the hat? No.

Do we pull all your paper punch cards out of your phone? Yes!

hubGenie is a virtual wallet for all paper punch cards. There's no reason to supersize your wallet with all these cards or miss rewards again - all your paper punch cards will be with you in the super handy, eco-friendly hubGenie app.

So, what can you do with a little hubGenie in your hands?
• Keep your wallet clutter free from paper punch cards.
• Share via Facebook after your punch.
• Show off to your friends how awesome it is to free your wallet from paper punch cards.

We are starting in Portland, OR and adding businesses weekly. Our new app interface is cooking in the genie's kitchen, so watch for the hubGenie app updates.

hubGenie is perfect to use for cafes, restaurants, barbershops, bars, spas, stores, and more. Let your neighborhood business know about hubGenie and help them get an eco-friendly, smartphone punch card!

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