Hugin and Munin



Raven based memo program.

Hugin and Munin are Odin's ravens. Their names mean Thought and Memory, and they mostly live on Odin's shoulders, whispering in his ears what he needs to know.

Now you can have your own animated Hugin and Munin to help you think and remember like a god or a druid. Huginn can store one thought at a time, Muninn one memory.

The ravens nibble on the magical fly agaric mushroom to improve their cognition and memory. This might explain why they often mishear what you ask them to remember (often to hilarious effect). A folk name for the fly agaric is "raven's bread".

* You need an internet connection and speech recognition installed for this to work. If it doesn't work, simply download Google's Voice Search for free from the market *

** The voice recognition system will only work with an internet connection. 3G is generally good enough. Wifi is plenty good **

Long press a raven to store a thought or memory.
Touch a raven to view the message stored.
Touch the speech bubble to delete a thought or memory.
Touch the mushrooms for help and app info.

The background is the stone circle at Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. This app was released at winter solstice 2011.

Suggestions for development are gladly received. I'd like to do more with this app, so let me know what you want, for example:
- more stone circles (British or otherwise)
- more input entry methods (eg writing, drawing)
- sound
- ability to add your own background

For support or suggestions, email

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