I Wore It When

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    I Wore It When answers the question “when did I wear that last?” It's your personal wardrobe organizer, letting you know when the last time you wore that shirt, dress, pants, or combination.

    Addressing this age-old issue helps in various situations for all demographics. For those working, it prevents outfit-repeating with clients or in important meetings. For others, the app is beneficial in keeping track of ensembles daily, in class or at specific events.

    Easy to use, I Wore It When (IWIW) allows you to take a photo of what you are wearing or planing to wear and matches it to the last time you wore something similar. It's a wardrobe diary of what you wear each day, and helps you avoid the same outfit slump.

    By using proprietary image recognition, I Wore It When will automatically compare an image of what you are wearing now to all the images you have submitted. Showing you those the most closely match and when you wore it last!

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