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    ibaby is a easy use log tracker/monitor app to track daily activities about your baby with just one click,includes feeding(bootle,nursing),pee,poop,sleep,growth record and much more.

    You can change your baby's information by click the baby icon on the bottom left, include gender, birth date, name

    About the permission:
    -Your location and Network for weather
    -mount and unmount && Storage for take photo, move app to SD card
    -voice record to record voice
    -control vibrator and automatically start for reminder

    Basic Features:
    -Track baby bottles/milk
    -Track baby diaper
    -Track baby poop
    -Track baby nurse
    -Track baby sleep.
    -Track baby medicine

    Advance Features:
    -Customize default event types name
    -Add customize event types with icon
    -Multiple babies manage support
    -Widget enabled for multiple babies
    -Shortcut for multiple babies
    -Progress customize enable
    -Setting unit of weight, height, temperature and feed
    -Baby growth/development information week by week
    -Remind of all event types, customize remind sound and vibrate
    -Convenient edit quantity by drag the progress bar
    -Sort baby's activities by type
    -Track baby's growth record with chart, compare your baby's with WHO Growth Standards
    -Add record with voice input , voice recorder and photo
    -Order/hide/show the event type as you want
    -Search within app for all type of activities
    -Move to SD card enabled
    -Share event list as html attachment via Gmail

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