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Iguanas+ Free
Is your info / fun app all about green Iguanas, the app is filled with information to helps you learn about these majestic lizards. It has tips on how to keep your Iggy healthy and happy. It’s packed with practical advices on feeding, housing, health maintenance, with a library of videos and photos. And on the fun side you will find slide puzzles, an Iguana quiz with random questions, memory match games and more.

App Features:

• Article & News
• Photos & Videos
• A market place for unique Iguana accessories
• Places to find your Iguana
• Memory matches games
• Slide Puzzles
• Wallpaper for your phone
• A quiz with random questions
• And easy way to submit your suggestions

Find tips from experienced owners:
• Are Iguanas for you
• Where should you get your Iguana
• What special care will your lizard need
• Things to consider before getting one
• Preparing your home for your new friend
• Plus much, much more

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