In a Large Character



This application displays a character in a large character.
It's the world that we can't make a strong appeal,
but...“ Let's display in a Large Character at least. ”

Moreover, this application offers the new information transmitting means,
you can exchange telephone numbers by NFC, register telephone book by QR Code,
by infrared communication...and so on.

Let's show your telephone number in a large Caracter!!

You'll be immediately able to displayed your telephone number when you are asked for it,
if the shortcut which registered the telephone number beforehand is created.

You should also create a shortcut including the name of the kanji which you often mistake, and
you can also exchange when cannot vocalize.
※However, let's concentrate on a lesson during session!

The main functions
・to display a large character
・to display search results of twitter in large characters
・to share large characters
・to make a shortcut of large characters
・to returns the URL of a large character in the mushroom
・to display tweets in large characters on the twicca

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