IntelliTea: A Clever Tea Timer



Ever wondered what your personal optimal tea brewing time is? Want to achieve that perfect brew every time? IntelliTea quickly and easily guides you through creating your own ideal tea brewing experience with very little effort from you!

Simply brew the tea until IntelliTea tells you to stop, then rate the result and IntelliTea will find an optimum time! The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

Drink more than one type of tea? No problem, IntelliTea allows you to seamlessly track all your times for different blends and strains with no hassle at all.

- Intelligently finds your optimum tea brewing time.
- With continued use, accuracy continues increasing down to single second!
- Manage multiple times of tea with ease.
- Track your progression with the historic brews view and statistics about each of your teas.
- Single click sliding scale rating system that doesn't lock you into arbitrary discrete values (like 1 to 5 etc).
- Automatic countdown timer, all you have to do is click the button when you pour in the water and an alarm will chime brewing is complete!
- Your perfect cup, every time.