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Brought to you by leading UK magazine The English Home, The Interior Designers Directory is a beautiful publication that give readers easy access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We at The English Home magazine, have gathered together interior designers from across the regions who are experts in their field and can help bring life and character to your home and commercial interiors.

Considering that we spend over 90% of our working and living day in interior spaces and that design is proven to affect our health, safety and welfare, should we not pay more attention to the quality of our interior surroundings?

Furniture, colours and textures speak to us, and when a particular design catches our eye, we feel inspired to try it in our own homes. Interior Designers Directory gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, passions and favourite colour schemes with a true professional who, by listening to your requirements and keeping within your budget, can help you achieve the right look for each room.

Interior Designers Directory brings you a step closer to the professionals and to the right design.

Flip your device and view the app in either orientation or tap the page selector to choose a specific page to fast-navigate to. You can also download and save individual Designers or the full directory to enjoy offline and when you are on the go.

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