Interpride 2015



Welcome to the official mobile app for InterPride 2015! This app is a joint development of the InterPride 2015 Host Committee and EDGE Media Network. This app provides everything you need to enjoy InterPride 2015, right on your mobile device!

Features for Android:

Stay connected with InterPride and the LGBT community worldwide through the news component. Featuring stories about InterPride, as well as the latest headlines about the LGBT community and relevant events, you have everything you need to stay up-to-date with the most current news stories and happenings.

The Interpride 2015 events calendar is a comprehensive list of what’s going on during the event so that you never miss a beat.

With all of the InterPride Conference events, workshops and activities, you will want to know when and where everything is taking place. From communications to fundraising and event planning, there will be something for everyone. Forget the mental note, and let the rolling event calendar be your own personal agenda providing you with the necessary details to the latest events. With the “add to your calendar” feature, you’ll never miss a beat.

InterPride 2015 is fortunate enough to have the best of the best presenting at the conference in Las Vegas this year. From activists to experts and everything in between, you are sure to learn a lot from this amazing group of people! The presenters feature will offer you photos and bios of each of the conferences’ presenters, this way you can understand their background and more about where they come from!

We want to thank all of our 2015 InterPride sponsors and this feature gives them visibility and shows how much we appreciate all of their support.

Join us in Las Vegas for InterPride 2015 and stay a while! Need to book a room? Peruse through the hotel feature and find one that suits you just right. It’s all about options here in Las Vegas, and in this feature find descriptions, locations and your room will be waiting-one click away!