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Over time, many relationships seem to dissolve. What was once joy becomes regret. What was once a team, ready to face obstacles together, becomes separate individuals going their own way.

Negative aspects in the partnership, if they are not dealt with, evolve into bitterness. Bickering back and forth takes on a life of its own and becomes the relationship’s main activity. Hills become mountains, valleys become canyons, and the outcome is despair. In the end, both parties feel totally hopeless.

Relationship Testimonials

"Many Thanks. The tools you provided helps us communicate a lot better and get are emotions out with all the bickering." Ashley T., Zionsville, In

"After growing apart for so many years it has been hard reconnecting but you’ve helped us to begin the process." Noah & Mary H., Dallas, Tx

Try this approach in your relationship, not to start an argument but for the sake of discussion. Your answers to the three questions reflect your personal perspectives, but this is the reality you are dealing with.

What do you want out of a relationship?

What do you believe you are getting?

What do you believe you are not getting?

Take one issue a week and work on it. You cannot resolve all the problems in one sitting.

Treat yourself as your own best friend.

You want your friend to have happiness and a anger-free life; you deserve the same happiness in your life.

Don’t let another day go by idly wishing for change PURCHASE TODAY and put the intimacy back in your relationship.

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