Introdooce is the ultimate location based dating and social gifting application. It targets high traffic and popular venues such as restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, bars, sport arenas etc. and caters to all individuals, whether its meeting new people nearby or simply sending actual gifts to friends and family on Facebook.

    Users can choose to use the App for Dating & Gifting or Gifting Only. Now, you can approach other singles around you with common interests (food, music, atmosphere, scene, style, hobby etc.) in a whole new approach. Purchase and attach a gift to your message and make the best first impression, a bit of your style, taste, personality and more importantly setup your first date. Introdooce is changing online dating to real time dating.

    Meet other singles whenever your are available and in the mood in Real time. With our new feature, singles can instantly search for other singles with similar mood, interest and availability for coffee, lunch, dinner, movies, etc.

    IF you happen to be in a relationship, you may still use Introdooce as Gifting Only to simply purchase and send gift to your friends on Facebook. Now, instead of a typical Happy Birthday message on your friend's wall, you can send them actual gifts from their favourite venues.

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