This app is specially designed for the security and emergency purpose. At time of emergency it send SOS SMS, email, facebook status update with your current location and time to your family and friends just by one click. Also it start tracking of yourself and send your location and battery information to the server periodically.

Your family or friend can locate your track and location by logging at server.
Server :

At time of installation it ask to register at server, max 5 contact person phone and email, your consent for facebook status update etc.

When you are in emergency and hit the panick button, it automatically send SOS SMS and email with the server credentials, so that people can log in and locate you on map.

Facebook status just mention - you need help and tell your current location.

You can always configure all the contact details, your consent for facebook, and change the server password by doing the same in preferences of this app later.

Please note that this app needs GPS and GPRS on the device.

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