Item Challenge



Achieve, maintain and enjoy a new clutter-free life with the Item Challenge!

Free yourself from the burden of your possessions by getting rid of all your unnecessary belongings. The app allows you to list all the items you own, choose a goal, and then decide what can go from your life. A progress indicator lets you monitor how well you’re doing, and ensures that your new minimalistic life is maintained once that goal is reached.


* List your items
* The last added item can be re-added by tapping and holding ‘Add an Item’ for multiple items e.g socks etc
* Choose your goal
* Decide what you would like to get rid of to reach that goal
* By tapping on unwanted items, they will be marked for removal in the future
* Once binned, you can then remove it completely from your list by tapping on ‘remove’
* The progress bar will automatically update as your list gets smaller
* All binned items can be seen in ‘Past Items’