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Jake's Prime Steaks Restaurant is an app that uses the awesome features of a Native Android App (check out the iOS version if you have an iPhone). This is superior to those that are called hybrid apps or web apps.

Jake's App is created as a demonstration of how a Restaurant can connect with customers with a fully functional native app. Moreover, by using proven design patterns, we can provide Restaurant owners with full featured native apps for about the same total cost of ownership as the cheap apps that will not even work without a full time internet connection.

The app provides interesting information about a Fictitious (that is unless Jake decides to go public!) organization, a Prime Steak Restaurant, and links to the web site where there is demo information about good food and healthy eating. Moreover, there will be sample meal recipes suggesting the proper use of spices, and reference to world famous spices. The app includes a Home view with information about Jake's and the app, a Tab with info on locations and menu choices to a Map and location information, a section where coupons and other information will be made available to the customer/user, and also a contact form with the ability for the user to register their email. In addition the app includes the ability to call with the touch of a button, send an email, social sharing with Facebook and Twitter.

We also included push notifications - that's right, we have push notifications that work for both Android and iPhone so all your customers can be notified when you have new coupons, events, and Wise Apps LLC can even setup a rewards program so everyone keep coming back for good food and freebies!

Check out the app and if you are a restaurant owner, manager, or are interested in marketing apps, get in touch with us at http://www.myfoodandspice.com/

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