* Notice: some tools come with our Hebrew Jewish Siddur.

Jewish Tools, include all the tools you may need for your daily spiritual needs.

♔ Zmanim tool (Halachic times). Calculated according to current GPS location or by US Zip\World City. You can change date, and see in advance Candle lighting, When Shabbat ends etc. Click on a certain Zman to get more opinions\options.
♔ Jewish Luach (calendar, Jewish and Civil): all the information you need: Hebrew\Civil date, weekly Parashah, Omer count, upcoming events (Rosh Chodesh, Holiday etc.) and more. Also - add your own personal events (Yahrzeit, Anniversary, Birthday).
Click on future events to get more information from Wikipedia.
♔ Prayer direction: calculate the direction to Jerusalem according to your location. Uses Compass and GPS.
♔ Jewish Blessings on food (Berachot). Know what to say before and after eating different kinds of food.
Type the food name, and choose from list.
♔ Other tools: Mirror to check Head Tefillin, send Zmanim, Events, and more.

Other features:
♔ Hebrew and English menus.
♔ Works on Android 1.6 and up.
♔ No need to install fonts or root phone.

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