Jyotish Tools



Vedic astrology program for professionals and students. Available with special version for extra large tablets. Now includes backup and restore options for moving charts to a new device.
This program does not do predictions or readings.
Features include:
* Northern, Southern and Eastern style charts.
* Colored charts and Dasha display for Systems Approach.
* Mahadasha, bhukti and pratyantar dasha display.
* Choice of western glyphs, English or Sanskrit for zodiac.
* Divisional charts with support for Parivritti and Iyer calculations.
* Ashtakavarga and Shripati charts.
* Mean or True Node selection.
* System Approach analysis.
* Chart Significations.
* Five degree aspects display.
* Ephemeris with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly display.
* Large atlas with 156,000 locations (coming soon for the 10" tablet version).
* Save locations to your own personal atlas.
* Google Maps support to find locations anywhere on the globe.
* GPS support for Prasna charts.
* Multiple ayanamsha selection including custom ayanamshas.
* Chart Notes.
* Simple tab display for quickly changing views.
* Save chart as graphic including dashas, varga chart and notes for email or printing.

Tablet version (for 10" tablets only) has all charts and information on one screen instead of tabbed.

Demo video on the JyotishTools channel on YouTube.

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