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Great Ideas for Indoor Activities
1. Story time
2. Geant Easel
3. Wax Creations
4. Old Clothes
5. Puppet Show
6. Kitchen Fun
7. Mini Worm Farm
8. Jewellery
9. Create a Picture
10. Board Games
11. Ghost Stories
12. Growing a Seed
13. Indoor Crazy Golf
Great Ideas for Outdoor Activities
14. Ribbon Sticks
15. Garden Fun
16. Picking Berries
17. Organize a Treasure Hunt
18. Vegetable Patch
19. Nature Walks
20. Borrow a Pet
21. Camping Out
22. Toy Sail Boats
23. Neighbourhood Walk
24. Ring Toss
Ideas for Travelling Activities
25. 20 Questions
26. Word Play
27. I went to market
28. Find the Place
29. Car Colours
30. Alphabet Soup
31. Personal Bags
32. Travel Diary

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