Kiwidiver is all about quality. We believe in offering our family of customers the finest dive gear, scuba training and dive experience opportunities available. Regardless if you are a new diver or an experienced one, you can always rely upon Kiwidiver to provide top quality PADI scuba training, dive gear and service.

With a maximum of two students to each of our PADI instructors and one on one individual training available, you will gain confidence and experience unmatched by any other scuba diving course.

With this approach, your Kiwidiver instructor can more easily target specific areas that need attention, rather than wasting your time while they concentrate on other students. As a result you will get more time having fun scuba diving, finishing the course a much better diver.

From backpacker budgets to 1st class private courses, Kiwidiver has it all. PADI scuba diving course from beginner to technical. Learn to scuba dive today with Kiwidiver.
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