Know Your Mind



What is MIND? Is Mind a devils workshop? Many of us don't want to be idle and keep our self busy by running behind Gadgets, TV, Work etc. Are we trying to run away from our MIND? Is MIND taking us to places that are not REAL? Many common diseases due to Psychological Disturbances are on an increase. Why does an 89 year old man with no money dies happy but a 61 year old executive with all the money in the world dies of stress? We are becoming weaker and weaker as a generation, why is this happening?

We spend no time to introspect our self. It's important to know how to control one's mind. Knowing more about how the mind works will help us in this venture. The concepts are very simple and many of us already know these but we never implement it while it’s taking place, as it’s not a part of our subconscious mind. This document is a set of suggestions and experiences of others. There is no one right answer. All of us have an internal guru guiding us and we need to internalize these accordingly.

My knowledge is acquired and I am still struggling to implement them. So if you see some errors please do send me an email with your feedbackJ. But do try to read this with your heart and not with your MIND. Thoughts emanating from the MIND will not let us internalize these facts. The mind may focus on grammatical mistakes rather than the contents.

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