Komachi Blue light protector



■ What is blue light?
Blue light is closest to ultraviolet rays, it is light that reaches the retina (the retina is the innermost membrane that covers the eyeball).
It comes out of many things including computers, games, televisions, smart phones and cell phone monitors.

After having been in contact with blue light for a long period of time, it gets harder to fall asleep and wake up and it is said that a change of quality occurs in the retina.

Computer glasses are unnecessary! The free application for reducing blue light, reduces blue light and relieves eyestrain.

The cute "Shibaken Komachi" blue light reduction application.
It is simple and cute.

It is great for using smart phones in places that are dark and so on.
It is a definite must for those of you who like cute things.

The extremely popular "Shibaken Komachi" in "Free Stamp Box" cuts blue light.

With one button, it is a blue light reducing application that can be used right away

★ The world's best (cutest) (easy) blue light countermeasure application
For those of you who like cute things
It is an application that is soothing just by having it

★ The cute yelp!
When you press the settings button, a cute yelp comes out!
(When the volume of the smart phone is switched off it will not yelp)

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