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Looking for Kosher Restaurants? Kosher Near Me lets you easily search a radius for local Kosher Establishments including kosher restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and much more. You may let it detect your location by GPS automatically or you can search by Postal Code, City/State or Restaurant Name instead.
By providing a simple, clean interface you can find what you're looking for with minimal taps. This app is 100% free. Just open the app and go!
KosherNearMe includes reviews! Restaurants are rated on 5 separate axes - rate establishments and see reviews from others.
Keep an eye out for active “Order” buttons - these locations support ordering through our app powered by Get Kosher!
Want to notify us of a new listing? Click the “Add Place” option at the top right to recommend new listings! Interactive map includes directions!
We are committed to maintaining up to date information! Email to submit a new kosher restaurant and updates or use the option within the app to report issues.
NOTE: For best results with Kosher Near Me and any location-aware app please make sure GPS is enabled on your device. Without your GPS enabled your location is triangulated by cell towers and results will not be as accurate, sometimes considerably off.
KASHRUT NOTE: Kosher Near Me contains user-contributed data. We do our best to verify all listings, but please make sure to verify supervision and status of any establishment you visit. If you find a listing that is no longer kosher or out of date please contact us so we can update it for all our users ASAP rather than writing a poor review! Please be part of the solution!
Our app now includes full international support! Please be patient while we update our database with new data for these countries - if you come across any issues please don't hesitate to contact us at Enjoy!

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