KOTOBUKI is a free app which you can use to organize everyone's "Celebrations".

You can send messages to your family and friends' happy moments
including birthdays, weddings, or any other celebrations.

Let's celebrate every 365 days!



1. Calendar and Celebrations List
Connecting with Facebook and Twitter, you can organize your family and
friends' happy celebration events. From the both the Calendar and
Celebrations List, you can send a message to congratulate their happy
moments. The calendar can be used as your reminder by adding your own
happy events.

2. Congratulations Radar
The radar detects and extracts your friends' happy moments in real
time, from your Facebook and Twitter timelines which you can easily

3. Congratulation Message
"Congratulation Message" is a feature which allows you to send
messages to congratulate your friend's happy moments. The message will
also be shared and displayed on Facebook and Twitter.
You can send one message per event and those received can only reply once.

WIth "KONBINI KOTOBUKI", you can give a can of Suntory "Premium
Malt's" to your friend to celebrate the happy moments.
You can make payment via credit card or mobile phone carrier payment,
and purchase a coupon which can be exchanged with the Premium Malt's
at any convenience store.
As a special Launch Campaign, you can challenge a quick draw, and get
chance to win the coupon for free.

Let's toast to every happy day.

KOTOBUKI is supported by Suntory, formerly known as KOTOBUKIYA.

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