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    The Many Styles Of Kung Fu

    The genesis of Chinese martial arts has been attributed to the need for self-defense, hunting techniques and military training in ancient China. The martial art known as Kung Fu is very old, yet very powerful. There are several different forms involved with Kung Fu, that only add to the power and mystique.

    This App mentions a majority of the different styles and forms that make up Kung Fu.

    The syles mentioned in this App:

    ** White Crane style.

    ** Wing Chun.

    ** Hung Gar.

    ** Praying Mantis.

    ** The Monkey style.

    Kung Fu training is achieving mainstream success with almost all people belonging to different age categories. Thanks to Kung Fu movies, Kung Fu has been advertised very well, as a sport as well as an activity. To master Kung Fu is no cake walk, it requires discipline and self-confidence. Kung Fu fighting is very beneficial, it keeps a person physically fit and mentally sharp.

    This App gives out information about Kung Fu and its different style.

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