Lawn Care



Lawn care involves several steps and techniques. I've developed this app to share tips & information about Lawn care with individuals who are interested in this topic.

Here is some of what we discuss inside this app:

☼ Lawn Care Tips and Weed Prevention.

☼ Lawn Care Application Methods.

☼ How to keep Insects from Getting in the House - Perimeter Pest Control.

☼ Rust Lawn Disease - Grass Fungus: Lawn Care Tips

☼ How to control Dandelions?

☼ How to Grow Grass in a Damaged Lawn?

☼ Irrigation & Sprinkler System Maintenance.

☼ How to properly set Lawn Watering Times?

☼ Core Aeration and Over seeding for a Healthy Lawn.

☼ How to make Compost in a Few Easy Steps?

... plus much more. Please keep checking this app frequently as I plan to keep adding more tips, videos & resources in future updates.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


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