Linkz is a free app which enables you to access relevant digital content. Use Linkz to scan print adverts, packaging, brochures, books, posters, in fact anything that has an embedded mark in it! Linkz uses invisible watermarks in images which is indicated by the Linkz logo. The pay-off website is especially designed for mobile screens and will show you something worthwhile. This may include additional or downloadable content, how-to-videos, games, discount vouchers, competition entries, and more. With Linkz the options are endless!

How it works:
1. Look for the Linkz logo
2. Open the app and scan the whole image
3. A special website linked to what you are scanning will open - like magic!

The Linkz app recognises specially marked images carrying the Linkz logo. If you have no marked images but would like to try the app, you can view sample images at

Linkz also scans QR codes and barcodes for a really useful experience.

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