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'Where are we' application is the best traking and monitoring solution for your android.

Yo don't need to register, you only have to insert your telephone number and you start to send coordinates.

This application is perfect for personal use. You can tracking your sons, friends, coworkers, family, etc. or for professional use, you can locate commercials of your company. You can see who is nearest and send him/her a direct message using this application or our web section.

'Where are we' can tracking your position and the position of your contacts. Nobody can know your position or tracking you unless you authorize your contact and you cannot tracking anybody unless they authorize you. This application send coordinates to an external server to show them to your contacts.

Find your closest people as friends, contacts or family in the simplest way!

The characteristics of the application are:

• Ability to view the current location of your contacts.
• Ability to see the path of their contacts tracking today, yesterday and before yesterday.
• Ability to view your tracking route in real time.
• Ability to send messages to your contacts.
• Ability to give permissions to your contacts to follow you or not.
• Ability to receive notifications of new contacts using the application.
• Ability to receive notification of close contacts.
• Permits individual contacts. They can see what you want. Your current location, your route ...
• Individual permits for your followers and for the contacts that follow you.

Android and iPhone!

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