Love & Romance Handbook



If you are in love or not, love & Romance handbook is a must. This handbook gives you a variety of advice, tips, poems, jokes and quotes that are helpful, funny and that you can share with your loved ones.

The advice and tips or tricks are written by our specialists and are taken after experience and contains a list that explain how to treat and attract your partner to have a good and lasting relationship.

The poems and quotes are written by most known writers and famous poets.

In addition, a variety of funny jokes are taken from daily life.

Wild love handbook is made and designed for each:
- boyfriend / girlfriend
- husband / wife
- singles (boys / girls and man / woman)

Love guide content:
- Love Jokes
- Love Tips & Advice
- Love Quotes
- Love Poems
- Relationship Jokes
- Relationship Quotes
- Relationship Tips & Advice
- Sex Jokes
- Sex Tips & Advice
- Relationship Quotes

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