Love♡Spiritual ~ Having fun with numberology for affinity in love and soul love

Love♡spiritual is a fortune-telling application program to help people who want to attract the man of destiny

Yasmin22, Otodama therapist, presents the love♡spiritual world. Have fun.

■How to use
Start the application program. Select "couple".
Input the name, date of birth, blood type of two people, then get the affinity for today and detail.
※The registered friend can be chosen from the list.

・with a friend
Start the application program. Select "with a friend".
Input his name, date of birth, blood type, then get your affinity for today and detail.

・MYPAGE (protected by password)
Your entire fortune, this year, history
(1)Entire fortune
Read your entire fortune based on numberology
(2)Fortune for this year
Read your fortune for this year based on numberology.
It changes every year.
Read the history of fortune-telling

In addition, you can see today's best partner, how to approach him and love♡spiritual message~what you learn by the love, theme in love for your brilliant soul
(1)Today's best partner
You can read today's best partner. Your best partner, your friend's best partner.
(2)How to catch his attention and love(HearMark)spiritual message
You can read an advice to arouse his interest, and love♡spiritual message; what you learn by the love, theme in love for your brilliant soul.

Fortune-Teller, Supervisor, Producer: Yasmin22 (Yasuko Itahara)

Spirituality - My opinion
The real thrill in spirituality lies in learning the power to change your life for yourself, than knowing aura or your past lives.

I produced this application program, praying that it may help you.

Every love has meaning, and has something necessary for your soul, I think.
May your love be a happy one.

Otodama therapist, prayer musician: Yasmin22


My father is a bonze, and mother has been studying fortune-telling.
I have been enjoying mysterious experience and spiritual world.
I studied astrology for the graduation thesis.
After graduation, I engaged in personnel, shop management, and become independent.
I have been engaged in counseling, spiritual astrology, "Otodama therapy", which is
my original therapy, the fusion of music and chakra-caring healing.
Also I present workshop such as vegetable cooking, and so on.

Besides, I take a part as a prayer musician, presenting meditation music,
performance at shrines/churches, fusing different natures such as digital music, folk music, mantras
for the sake of expressing clear and pure soul, and coexistence of the culture and the nature.

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