Loyalty rewards you for discovering and sharing information on your
    social networks about the place you're in. Just open the app in a
    Loyalty signed up store and you will be shown that companies Facebook
    page including review, coupons and money off promotions. Like,
    comment, tweet, sign in etc to get rewards of real value.

    - Get the best information about the places you are in or near in the world.
    - Get special coupons and money off promotions.
    - Connect with the brands you love while you're in store.
    - Powerful Interest Sensing Technology that saves you money and time by sending
    you relevant push notifications when you're near something interesting.
    - Scan certain Images to instantly get more information about the product and share, like comment to get a stamp.
    - Like comment and share your opinions while in store to receive stamps
    - Stay Anonymous, no need to signup or create an account, just download the app and start getting rewarded for the things you do already.
    - Powerful Interest Sensing and Augmented Reality combine to create the next generation of loyalty cards.

    How to get started:
    Download and open the app,
    Click Turn Loyalty on,
    Accept the Licence Agreement,
    You're good to go :-)

    Install Loyalty today and start getting great deals and saving money
    by doing the stuff you already do.

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