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Lucid Dream Ultimate

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Do you want to take control of your dreams and experience your wildest desires?
Controlling your mind while dreaming will allow you to jump into a fantasy world where you control everything. This idea is called lucid dreaming. As a lucid dreamer you will be able to easily design and craft your own universe. However, many have found it difficult to achieve lucidity while dreaming. With Lucid Dream Ultimate you can become a lucid dreamer and fulfill all of your wildest desires.

The app has 3 powerful groups of features.

Day: Reality Checks

Reality Checks are an important part of lucid dreaming. Repeated reality checks will help you lucid dream. Lucid Dream Ultimate will help you perform these checks with customizable notifications and settings.

Night: Dream Alarms

Lucid Dream Ultimate will also assist you when you are sleeping. There are 6 methods to assist you with sound cues in your sleep to help achieve lucidity. Nap, WILD/WBTB, REM Interruption, Custom REM Interruption, Smart REM Interruption, and Motion Detection. You can also enjoy falling asleep to binaural and isochronic tones.

Dream Journal

Recording your dreams has been shown to increase dream recall resulting in more lucid dreams. Lucid Dream Ultimate has an easy to use dream journal with multiple features,

Password Protection
Edit and Delete functionality
Export to external storage
Easy to use and navigate

I can't promise that this app will make you lucid dream, but it can definitely help you get closer in many ways.
Be sure to check out the help screen and watch for updates.

WakeLock for night alarms.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED for setting reality check after reboot.
Write to Storage for exporting your dream journal.

Note: The audio glitch seen in the comments is the StageFright Android bug. I am working on a workaround for it currently.

Lucid Dream Ultimate Assistant with dream diary

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Recently changed in this version

Added option to display random reality checks.
Added ability to edit the date in the dream journal.
Added stop and resume functionality to motion tracking.
Ability to use motion tracking with screen off on some devices.
Small layout improvements.
Bug Fixes and other improvements.

Added alarm popup for WBTB/WILD.
Added much improved first launch screen.
Added custom sound options in night.
Added custom reality check text.
Added option to disable sounds during motion detection.

Comments and ratings for Lucid Dream Ultimate
  • (62 stars)

    by Nathan Gunn on 27/03/2014

    I don't understand this app. It gives you reality checks during the day but at night it doesn't do anything, even after configuring it to do so. Safe to say this is pretty useless. I've been using it on a nexus 7.

  • (62 stars)

    by Brian Jones on 12/02/2014

    For example: I set my password to "12345" If I open the dream journal, and type in the password "asdfslkj" It says "Password incorrect, 12345 is the correct password" What is the point of having password protection if it just tells you the correct pass

  • (62 stars)

    by Matt Talbot on 10/02/2014

    This app is perfect as far as reality checks and dream journaling. The night mode sounds tend to crackle and pop randomly which can startle you.

  • (62 stars)

    by Alias Miles on 22/11/2013

    This app actually helps you trigger self awareness traps in your dreams (Most efficient way to continually lucid dream)! Here's a good trick to help you stay in your lucidity...Look at the palm of your hands when you feel like it's slipping away! Ok you

  • (62 stars)

    by LJ Boyd on 22/06/2013

    The click and pop sound every minute or so is extremely annoying and jarring when falling asleep. Is this a loop of sound repeating? Not good enough for a paid app.

  • (62 stars)

    by Mathias Barfred on 10/06/2013

    I've been using this app primarily for its reality-check reminders. Good work so far. Perhaps, just to add to the skepticism of "are you dreaming" and making the user question his/her surroundings a bit more, you could add a Yes and a No button to the no

  • (62 stars)

    by Chris Steele on 07/06/2013

    This app continuously reminds you to check to see if you a dreaming. It's good because it's hard to remember to check. BTW I think you meant hold your nose and try to breathe not hold your breath and try to breathe.