Mama Chef - Bake, Boil or Fry



Mama Chef - Bake, Boil or Fry (BBF) is the new version of Mama Chef that focuses solely on recipes that involve mostly baking boiling and frying...
No Soups here (Get "Mama Chef" for that). You will have recipes for just about everything you can think of that can make you a super Nigerian Chef!

Over 30 beautiful dishes you don't ever want to miss! With Mama Chef BBF the dishes are just a touch away!

Recipes Include:
Scotch Eggs
Akara (Fried Bean Cake)
Baked Chicken Breast
Baked Chicken Drumsticks & Veggies
Basic Home made Bread
Chicken Yassa
Chin Chin
Citrus Chili Chicken
Coconut Crusted Baked Chicken
Coconut Jollof Rice
Coconut Rice
Fried Plantains
Liver and Onions
Moi Moi (Steamed Bean Pudding)
Nigerian Breakfast Plantain & Eggs
Whole Tilapia (& Jollof Rice)
and over 14 more beautiful recipes to keep you in touch with
Nigerian cooking endlessly...

Highly improved user interface and presentation, all thanks to the people who bought the first version of Mama Chef, very encouraging.
No need to download anything from the internet, all recipes are fully built into your phone once installed!
No Ads, never.