Marriage Help Vol.4



Marriage Help Vol.4 Includes:
Day 13: How to Effectively Communicate - Part 1
Day 14: How to Effectively Communicate - Part 2
Day 15: How to Manage Conflict Effectively - Part 1
Day 16: How to Manage Conflict Effectively - Part 2

About this Product:
Imagine turning the key to your car, and it doesn't turn on. You look under the hood, and see a maze of wires, tubes and components but are unsure exactly why it’s not starting. You know that "something" inside is broken but figuring out exactly what and how to fix it to get the car working again is beyond many of us…The same is true for our marriage problems. Whether that one component is feeling understood, accepted, loved, appreciated, beautiful, respected, supported, heard, desired or another component, if even one piece is broken, often our marriage will not work. When we know what pieces are broken and how to get them working again, we then know how to create and maintain a happy marriage. This program covers each component, covering one piece each day until at the end of the 31 day program we have a good understanding of what a strong marriage looks like and how to create one of our own.
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