"Memo++" is an application with three functions.
<> "cashbook" <>
The "cashbook" can record receipts and payments of money generated every day, such as transportation expenses and food expenses.
The arbitrary expenditure ON of a period can be totaled and it is useful for management of money.
<> "Schedule" <>
A "schedule" records the schedule of a meeting, waiting, etc.
An alarm function can be set up.
<> "Memorandum" <>
It is a tool which makes freely a note of what was noticed by the usual life.
Many affairs can be registered off the top of their head on the first.

□2013/01/23 The addition of a periodical schedule function
□2013/01/07 The customization feature of the color scheme of a calendar screen and a schedule screen is added. It starts from an option menu.
□2013/01/04 Correction of the color of a calendar screen, and the size of a text
□2012/12/23 Edit dialog fault correction of a schedule list screen
□2012/12/18 Add the function in which a total result carries out a graphical representation
##2012/12/03 Add & Improve the statistics function
##2012/11/01 Output detailed contents in a graph
##2012/10/26 File output function addition by SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.
The file output of a network diagram and the work schedule is carried out to SD card in a SVG format.
##2012/10/26 Improvement of a calendar screen
On the calendar screen, not a schedule icon but contents were indicated directly, and were made legible.

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