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Memoirs - Personal Diary. This Personal diary application helps to assess varied emotions, that get piled up in a person's life, in this fast paced age of materialistic considerations. One's mood is not static it takes roller coaster rides. The individual experiences good and bad, right and wrong and truth and falsehood. Accordingly the individual happens to react to different kinds of emotions in a day tight compartment. This application has evolved a scale by which the scores are calculated which tell you how much of a quality life you are leading on a day to day basis.

With this personal diary you can keep track of series of your actions which made you feel happy on a particular time frame. Happiness can't be given from out side we need to realise it from with-in. This application serves as a diary app, in which you can record your day's happenings. You can enter unlimited number of entries. This is not only a diary app but also a self realisation tool.

Features :

- Write notes about your life and save it in this diary.
- Automatic location tagging of the notes you enter.
- Record your happiness levels.
- Record your life events.
- Visual representation of happiness.
- Detailed emotion analysis.
- Storing private notes.
- Protected access to the notes.
- Many more.

This is not another me too personal diary application. This Diary app aims to improve the lives by making the users understand about themselves.

Android OS 4.0 and above. Requires active internet connection and location access for geo tagging.

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