MerryMarry is the Wedding App

It is the private wedding social network for you and your wedding guests!

With this Wedding App, invite guests with easy-to-make wedding invitations to your MerryMarry wedding story page. Then, create your wedding story album with your guests before, during and after wedding by uploading photos and messages from your wedding events! With this wedding app MerryMarry, you can make your wedding more intimate and special for you and your guests.

Features of this Wedding App:

1. Wedding story album page: the wedding couple and guests can create the wedding story together by uploading photos and messages with this Wedding app

2. Wedding invitation card: invite guests to your actual wedding and your MerryMarry wedding story page with MerryMarry’s easy-to-make invitation cards from this Wedding app

3. RSVP list: easily keep track of who is coming to your wedding

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