Moral Stories



To mark the tradition of our ancestors’ phenomenal culture of “Story Telling”,
we are presenting “Moral Stories,” a collection of short moral stories for our

These are the videos of most popular children stories. With the awesome
design and amazing cover flow, app amplifies the importance of these stories
for their entertainment, cultural and moral values.

The app is presented in a way that each of these kids story is categorized
under one moral value like Honesty, Truthfulness, cleverness, kindness,
honesty, humbleness, truth, bravery and hard work, friendship, unity,
obedience and harmful effects of greediness. This will help parents and
children to get to know and understand these values in a much better way
and enjoy the stories too.

These moral stories imply on the significance of our human culture, enables
us to understand the different phases of our lives and the varying ways to
deal with the same.

Downloading this app, will sure be an effort worthy of value for our children.
It will also be our tribute to our ancestors and a humble gesture for those
creative minds whose efforts have turned it into a possibility.

The videos in the app have been hosted by YouTube and are available in the public domain. We claim no right over any of the content of the videos. It is merely our effort to organize the good moral stories for children and present it as it is. In case of any copyright infringement, please follow the YouTube Protocol.

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