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Morning Routine is an original alarm that requires scanning a barcode to stop it.

  • Original alarm concept
  • Ease of use
  • Good-looking layout
  • Useful
  • Roundabout for non-sleepyheads

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"You will wake up, sleepyhead"

Problems with snoozing the alarm and getting late to work? Forget them, this is an original alarm that specially suits sleepyheads. It works this way: tap on "manage alarms" and "add alarm", then you can set title and description to the alarm, set the time, alarm repeat (only once or days), alarm sound, volume and finally alarm type. There are three types of alarm: regular one (like the built-in), scanning alarm (it requires scanning a barcode to stop it) and sequence alarm (set up a sequence of specific codes to scan).

What's more, you can add to your scanning some actions like open a URL which is really useful to start your daily routine reading your favorite blog from your Android device, for instance. The only catch: the alarm sound increases progressively and that's not configurable. This means that if you take too long to scan the specific code, you're going to wake up even your neighbors. This should be fix.

Despite of this the app is set in a good-looking layout and it's really easy to use due to its guided-process of alarm setting.

The alarm is great for sleepyheads. However, those who don't sleep such a tight maybe will find it roundabout. Recommendable to the first ones.

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