Mosquito Killer(StrongVersion)



Powerful Mosquito Killer

- Description
Autumn approaches, but the mosquitoes are becoming more
Ears of Weng Weng ~ ~ distance sound sleep last night, do not rolled over?
Now, using the ultrasonic generator.
Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, moths, and even rats
Insects that conversation with ultrasound, causing a powerful ultrasonic
Prevent access to a simple, but very useful app.
Summer ~ ultrasonic mosquito and the one of the war to end

- Usage
Mosquitoes and various pests dislike touch switch is turned on,
Raise ultrasound can sleep comfortably

- Note
Ultrasound caused the ear of the general public does not hear.
(Maximum Increasing volumes can feel the ground very finely, depending on the person)

Tags: les moustiques naiment pas les ultrasons

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