MPcview-(Multi Pc View)



◆ ◆ ◆ MPcview (Multi Pc View) ◆ ◆ ◆

Pc as a remote control program MPcview transmitted as the screen or view them, and a keyboard and mouse can be controlled completely.
In addition, unlike traditional remote control the speed (frames per second myeotjang transfer image -1) by adjusting the network is slow, the remote environment is possible.
Pc version at the same time, to 160 160 units at the same time remote monitoring and control (broadband) you can take


- Games can be controlled
- Internet banking is Multi-use products for up to three places at the same time if you are remotely possible.
- Quality, size, speed (frame) and various options can be adjusted.
- Router, firewall-enabled remote control without a separate set.
- Mobile on the keyboard, mouse, implementation of the complete operation.


* When managing multiple computers
* Report your child's computer remotely sipeulttae
* When going out to see a dog in the house sipeulttae
* Sipeunbun manage multiple stores.
* Instead of expensive KVM wonhaneunbun program.
* Full-smart network framework (work from home, mobile, office) for the PC and the same environment in the office when you need to build
* From home to access my PC in the office if you would like to work
* In the office in my home PC, files, etc. If you are using
* A mobile businessman, edit documents in the office and when you write
* Students, professors teaching and instructional materials needed and if located on a remote PC
* IDC center or server room, server administrators to manage servers in the case
* Continuous monitoring of an unattended kiosk balgwongi If you need to


** To install the agent **

1. Pc to open the browser and enter the address line.
2. "Register Now", and then enter your account information.
3. Registered when you signed up to join in an e-mail if authentication is completed.
4. Log in
5. Go to the download page.
6. Been controlled for Pc, download and install the agent.
7. Pc being controlled in the resolution of 1024 x 768 or less is a good set.

** Remote control **

1. Market (Store) to run through the downloaded MPcview.
2. Subscribed accounts (email, password) to login to.
3. Remote control to select the computer you want to.
5. Once connected to a computer for remote control.

See our website for more information.

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