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    Quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage all of the albums you own. View information, cover, and add personal details. CD, Vinyl LP, tapes, and more!

    Uses barcode scanning, database search and manual barcode entry.

    Here are just a handful of the features you get with this app:

    - Create a free account and store your albums collection list in the cloud online. Access from any Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and web device any time!

    - Syncs directly with so you can manage your collection online at any computer!

    - Create a Wishlist of existing and new albums that you'd like to eventually own.

    - Library or List views. View your collection as you'd see it on a wall.

    - Sort with the words The and A in the title.

    - Add your person details to a album: Loaned To, Purchase Price, Storage Location, etc.

    - Edit any album details that are incorrect. All of our data is user driven so correct it as need and it will fix it for everyone!

    - Support for all countries, sizes, speeds, record labels, artist/bands, and more.

    - High resolution cover art for each album.

    - Full barcode scanning (10 items free, then in-app purchase).

    - Bulk Scanning to add your albums to the application even quicker (in-app purchase).

    - Shake to select a random item in your collection.

    - Sort on any field of information within a album.

    And coming soon:

    - Offline viewing of collection, export your collection, extra themes, and more! (in-app purchases)

    - Filter on any field of information within a album.

    - A coverflow view to see all of your albums when you turn your device sideways.

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    Hands down better than anything from Collectorz, My Movies, Flixster, or any other movie, media, or collection management software or apps!

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