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>>> Features of My Gratitude Journal <<<

“An attitude of gratitude brings great things.”
― Yogi Bhajan

• ** NEW & EXCLUSIVE ** Add text to an image that relates to your gratitude entry to a new photo, from your gallery, or choose from one of the beautiful images in the My Gratitude Journal gallery!

• ** NEW & EXCLUSIVE ** Your choice to set a daily alarm to remind you to practice gratitude

• ** COMING SOON ** Safe keep everything securely & privately on the web!

• Choose any day in the calendar and write an entry about anything you're grateful about
• We’ve made it possible for you to write more than one gratitude per day
• View all your gratitudes on all three available screen modes, as well as the images you’ve attached to them
• Easy viewing on calendar mode to see how many days you've been grateful
• Share your gratitudes with the people who made you feel that way, or just to those you love

>>> What's the secret to happiness? <<<

It's not having specific material things. It's not reaching a certain level of success either. Those who are the happiest are those who are grateful for what they have. My Gratitude Journal is an easy way to foster gratitude within yourself and reap the benefits of having a grateful spirit in your daily life.

>>> How you can use My Gratitude Journal to improve Your Life <<<

“16 years ago I started a gratitude journal and I will have to say it was the single most important thing I believe I have done."
― Oprah Winfrey

Bringing gratitude into your life is much easier than you think. All it requires is taking some time out daily to think about what you were given over the course of the day. Gratitude doesn't have to be for tangible things like gifts or favors. You can feel grateful for a kind smile that a stranger gave you that brightened your day, a clear blue sky that boosted your spirits or delicious foods that you savored at a meal. The more you think about gratitude, the more good things you will find to be grateful for, and over time, you'll find that everything from your mood to your energy level to your outlook on life improves.

>>> Why My Gratitude Journal was made <<<

"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears."
― Anthony Robbins

The My Gratitude Journal app was created by a team that originally began studying the benefits of gratitude to improve their own individual lives. While researching happiness and well being, we stumbled upon many scientific investigations that showed a powerful link between gratitude and happiness. One of the most famous of these is a study conducted by two psychiatrists and published in the peer-reviewed journal "Psychiatry." The study found that when people took time every day to reflect upon things that they were grateful for, they enjoyed a greater sense of well being and led fuller, happier lives.

After reading about the benefits of gratitude, we were inspired to create a gratitude app that we could use to foster feelings of gratitude in ourselves while helping others do the same.

>>> How My Gratitude Journal Can Help You <<<

Writing down the things for which you are grateful makes them more real in your mind. Using a gratitude app allows you to look back on the good things in your life when you need a mental boost. My Gratitude Journal makes keeping a written record of your blessings incredibly simple. You can create entries on your smart phone or tablet wherever you go, so that you can use those spare moments of downtime to reflect on the things for which you are grateful. You can also make notes as things happen and then spend time at the end of the day re-reading your list, and because your app is on your digital device, you can be sure that it will remain private.

Other results of a study indicated that keeping a gratitude list and expressing daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher personal levels of:
• Awareness
• Interest
• Purpose
• Positivity
• Vigour
• Progress
• Happiness

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