My library(sample)



The favorite comic book was found in the bookstore.
Having bought it before is how many volumes to have been... He does not remember.
It is also troublesome to go home and to investigate.
It searches in "My library" at such time.
Since he had not bought it yet, he buys it.
I will add the comic book bought this time to "My library."
I will also add CD and DVD in passing.
<< specification >>
The MAX number of books: 999
The MAX character number of titles: 60 characters
The MAX character number of information: 120 characters

<< "9roCloud" correspondence >>
If "9roCloud" are used, data can be uploaded & downloaded on Web.
If there is account of Dropbox, backup & restoration of can be done.

Tags: sleepytime boyfriend 詳細玩法

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