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    Do you still write diary on real book? If your answer is "Yes", I have to say you are out of date now! You can write diary on your Mobil phone with My Secret Diary app. Does it safe? Can my diary be seen by others? Of course not. Because their is a password(infarct is a shape no matter word shape or geometry) when you open the app. It play as the role of a lock.

    My Secret Diary is a free application for all users. You can write note about want you have done this day, what are you feeling this day, etc. After wirte, please save it and you can find it on Notes History.
    In addition to write diary, it is also can play as calendar and work recorder. on the center of the page, there is abig calendar with day, month, year, and weekend. When you open the app, you can see the date directly. You can record your worl Type/content/wast hours an drate with"Daily" button. But you shoud add work type first.
    If you are not satisfy withe the password you set, you can reset with "Password" button.

    Features and methods:
    1.Set a password first,and then input to erasure. The password should not be too easy or the app can not save it.
    2.There is a little calendar on the fist half of the page.The calendar include date, month,year and weekended
    3.Eight buttons lying below the little calendar,they are used to write your diary.
    4.Daily: include three parts.the fist is your daily list,then you can add one withe the second button.but assure you have made type before you set it.the rate stands for the importance of this thing. The last is a calendar with date red(the day you have write something)
    5.Add type: You can add things type here,delete or save
    6.Add feeling: If you have a good or bad feeling this day, please write here
    7.Add Daily: You can add daily thing here.there are type,content,time and rate stare.
    8.Add notes: Write detail diary here
    9.Notes history: You can find all your notes here
    10.Password: Do not satisfy with your passwords? you can reset with this button!
    11. Supply us with five stars or tell us problems

    Attention: The password should not be too short or it will not be agreed by this app. If you input wrong password, the bowls will become purple and the right become yellow.

    Please remember you password. If not, you have to uninstall this app.

    The password line can cross each other.
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