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Want to let go of negative habits? Make more money? Achieve your ideal body weight? Find the man or woman of your dreams? Countless people have achieved their goals with the aid of vision boards for years by collecting magazine clippings and sticking their desires onto poster boards, journals and onto their walls.

Millions of us spend numerous hours on technology on a daily basis, so why not make your very own vision board portable as a daily reminder of your wishes, and your ideal life without THE fuss…..

The Vision Board is a new app that allows you to easily create your board by uploading pictures from your phone, and write down uplifting quotes and ideas that resonate with you. You can create and modify boards quickly, and reflect upon it on a daily basis before you set out to make your dreams come true!

The Vision Board is a great tool to help you set out your personal objectives, reinforce a healthy positive attitude and think differently.

“If you can see it, you can achieve it!!

With the Vision Board you can:
• Customise your board with various colours and textures
• Choose from 22 paper types
• Edit as you go along
• Select from 3 photo frames
• Write motivational affirmations, actions and quotes to inspire you
• Share your boards with your Facebook family and friends!

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