Your every minute is precious, All the time.
My Auto Mobile is the application you need. Advanced mobile software that helps you carry out mobile operations automatically!
Just feed in the time and other necessary details, and the application would automatically carry out the function or command on that pre-set time.
My Auto Mobile application sends text messages exactly at the time you set it to, automatically.
• Dial numbers. AUTOMATICALLY
Set in a note for calling your Mr. X and let My Auto Mobile do it for you.
• This application provides the user the facility of automatic conduction of all tasks of the phone like dialing, messaging, E mailing, etc.
• Get Alerts and Prompts to save new number from call log or text message.
• My Auto Mobile has the feature of automatic call answer, automatic loudspeaker activation, automatic call termination, automatic SMS reply, automatic SMS share.
Note: Default password is 12345 for opening My Auto Mobile.