This application can easily manage the map to "Place where it wants to go".
GoogleMap to the place where it wants to open the screen and to go one-touch opens it soon.

In addition, the place can be taught the friend by transmitting the place with mail.

At the time of meeting Time when place where I am is taught
and delicious restaurant, etc.
When the place is taught the person, it is convenient.

About the registration of the place where it wants to go
It selects it from three below pushing an upper "Add New Map" button.

"Map": It is possible to register by doing the tap on the Google map screen.
"here from GPS": The present place is registered.
"write directly": Coordinates are personally input and registered.

About the edit of E-mail and data
It is long push in the screen of the start,
the following can be done.

"mail" The place can be transmitted with mail.
"delete" Data is deleted.
"edit name" It is name of data revokable.

Difference with pay version
20 maps can be registered.
The advertisement is inserted.

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